♬ My Merry Playlist

Ray ConniffEver since I was a child, my mom would play The Ray Conniff “Merry Christmas” album (among others) throughout the Christmas season. Eventually, when I got older, by mid-November, I would be the one who would to start off the seasonal record-playing.

This really starts me off for the season. I’m a sucker for the jingly-bells and the general festiveness. It just puts me in a happy mood.

I’ve even started to long for snow these days, just so I can have the “full experience.”

Snow? What have I become?? I was raised in the Caribbean!

Although this is an old album (1962) these songs are still being sung all over the world, and this adds to my Christmas experience.

I have no religion, but then Christmas has never quite been a religious holiday for me. I just love the music, the decorations, and all the happy memories of childhood Christmases past.

Happy holidays!

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