Winter Celebrations

Origins & Traditions ☃ Christmas Trees

Real or artificial? Fir or birch? Spruce or pine? Inside or outside? It’s hard to imagine a Christmas without the ever-present tree. Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree lighting is an annual symbol of the holidays in New York City. Surely this is the sign that the season is in full swing? […]

Origins & Traditions ☃ Yule Logs

Yule was the name of the ancient winter festivals held by the indigenous Germanic people of Northern Europe. In fact on the modern calendar, yuletide lasts for the period between late November and early January. The word “Yule” has several suggested origins, including Old Norse mid-winter festival “jól” and the […]

♬ My Merry Playlist

Ever since I was a child, my mom would play The Ray Conniff “Merry Christmas” album (among others) throughout the Christmas season. Eventually, when I got older, by mid-November, I would be the one who would to start off the seasonal record-playing. This really starts me off for the season. I’m […]