50 Weeks of Resolutions ❧ Wk 2

Small success, but more enlightened, in week 2.

More concentrated focus has led to moderately favorable results. I’m hesitant to patting myself on the back, but happy that the scale is at least trying to go into the right direction. I felt sure before that it was trying to sabotage me, but after checking with my “back-up” scale, apparently that really was what I weighed.

I’m usually a healthy eater, but by the time I get home late in the evening, I’m craving carbs and stuffing my face with whatever I can find while I’m preparing my dinner. That has got to stop.

In late December, I’d bought a masticating juicer, at the recommendation of my new manager at work. We’re both tall women in our 40’s still trying to shed the pounds retained from pregnancy and the arrested metabolism of middle age. The guy at the store said I had 30 days to use and return it.

JuicerThe juicer I bought worked exceptionally well during the first week. For a while I was extracting juice from all kinds of fruits or veggies: carrots, kale, celery, apples, ginger, lemon. It was great! It was also damn time-consuming, especially washing all the parts by hand afterwards every day. I was also becoming annoyed at all the discards from the process. By week 3 after purchase, the discards (in my opinion) seemed to be increasing and the amount of juice decreasing. Grrr!

At some point, I also realized that I do like chewing my food. I don’t really mind eating all my fruit and vegetables each day. Also, I didn’t know where to insert this “meal” of juiced goodness into my day. It was too light to be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and contained too many calories to be a snack. Nutritious – yes; practical – no. This wasn’t working out for me.

On day 29 I returned the juicer to the store and bought a high-powered blender instead.

BlenderOmg, this 1500-watt dynamo will crush rocks if I need it to, I’m sure! I absolutely love it! I throw in whatever I need to make a smoothie: bananas, strawberries, kale, almond milk, etc, etc, etc and it just pulverizes them in under a minute. The best part is: NO discards, so I get to consume everything. Now I take smoothies to work for breakfast and I’m actually full until well into the afternoon.

The good thing is that just about any fruit or vegetable can be made into a smoothie and I’m having a great time finding new recipes online (just about everywhere) and trying new combinations.

smoothieEven the hubby wants to have some too, so I make enough for two each time. I’m still trying to get the kids on board, but now they start to retreat whenever they hear me turn on the blender. They don’t know what I’m coming up with each time. (wusssies!) However, I promised to make them an all-fruit-no-banana smoothie tomorrow, if it’s a snow day. I’ll sneak in some kale when they’re not looking…

The “experts” recommend three ways to lose weight: eat less, exercise more, and get lots of sleep.

The first two I can manage. I’ve found an eating plan that I’m sticking to. It’s fun and easy and I need to stop playing around with losing these pounds. I’ve committed to exercising 5 days per week, no matter how awful I’m feeling, and that too is working just fine. The third part (getting lots of sleep) continues to be challenging. I think it was only one night last week that I had more than 5 hours sleep! I have no idea what’s keeping me out of bed at night. This is a bad habit that’s really hard to break. Clearly, I need to focus more on that next week!!

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  1. I like juicing with veggies included! I tend to not enough of them! My daughter puts kale in hers with banana and vanilla, along with some berries. She has usually a ‘brown sludge’ look to her smoothies. I will taste it if I am around, she doesn’t live with me anymore, (last one to leave the nest 2x so far!) but when she was here, I would taste it! I tell her that the way I lost 40 lbs. in 2 years, I could not have drunk a smoothie, since I banned most carbs. I would eat cottage cheese with herbs and loved this, for a salty alternative to chips and dip. Or eat celery and blue cheese. (No carrots for me for 2 years!) I did this to get my cholesterol under control and also, now continue to be more careful although I love one little 2 oz. treat a day, a small chocolate heart from Russell Stover with dark chocolate… (They are on sale this week 3 for $1 and they are 1.25 oz.) I liked lots of chewy green beans with garlic and onions sautéed in olive oil. These were healthy but felt very fattening, but weren’t! Just sharing a few ideas and hope that this did not take up too much space once I post my comments! Good luck and enjoy your juicer, Belle!


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