My Un-Resolutions

Here we are again!

I remember last year, dutifully typing away on January  1, 2013, full of hope and promise, all the things I would do in 2013. And I quote:

“So in 2013, I know I will lose those 20 lbs and I will most certainly call my parents more often and I will schedule some play time with my children.”

Somewhere there I also included that I would be blogging more and blah blah.

new-years-resolutions-diary-story-topThat was the last post on my blog for about 6 months, I certainly haven’t called my parents more often, and I still have the same 20 lbs to lose.

Should I really play this game again this year? I just don’t know if I should be bothered.

The fact is that at the end of the year I know I won’t be happy until I’ve resolved these unresolved action items. It would seem that I like setting goals more than actually carrying them out.

Nevertheless, I’m not setting any new goals this year. I’m just going to recycle last year’s ones:

  1. Go to bed earlier (like, before 1:00 am)
  2. Get to work earlier (before 10:00 am, that is – achieving this goal relies heavily on #1)
  3. Leave office by 6:30 pm (again, relies heavily on #1 and #2)
  4. Exercise more – since I do this first thing in the morning, this also relies heavily on getting to bed earlier – #1
  5. Go to all the Zumba classes and not just when I feel like it
  6. Stick to eating plan!!!
  7. Lose the same 20 lbs I’ve been trying to lose since 2011 – relies heavily on #s 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
  8. Don’t sit at my desk all day – resume daily walks at lunch time -relies on #2
  9. Blog at least every other day while still maintaining #1

What will make these goals achievable this year over the previous year? I’m not sure. I always start out the year quite well and then life just takes over.

Anyway, wish me luck. I really mean to do all of it this year.

No, seriously, I do….

4 replies

  1. So pretty much everything hinges on your going to bed earlier! Ah! You and me both! I am soooo bad about this (especially since I’ve started blogging, ah!) But I feel very similarly… if I could get up earlier, I feel like I could take over the world. Okay, best of luck to us both!


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