Old Wives’ Tales

“Whatever the new year catches you doing,
that’s what you’ll be doing all year.”

Our grandma told us this every year when we were kids. And we certainly believed it. Well, we were kids. I remember believing this whole-heartedly back then, because my grandmother knew everything.

My brother and I would spend those last few minutes on New Year’s eve doing all kinds of nonsense. We’d be eating, reading books, and cleaning (I think my mom got us to do that). We’d be competing to see which of us was the “better child”, doing anything our parents asked us to, so that we’d be on our best for the entire new year. At one point we had put money under our pillows because then we’d always have money to spend throughout the year.

This continued for a few years until we realized that grandma was just toying with us. I think.

the-letterThis past new year’s eve I was on my blog trying to decide on a new name and a new theme and what categories to focus on for this year. I’m always changing the background to see what fits my fancy at that time. I’ve also been learning some HTML and CSS coding so I can play with the design until way into the night (well there goes new year’s resolution #1, again).

So, as far as the old wives’ tales go, I will end up spending the entire year redesigning and planning this blog because it’s what I was doing at midnight on 1/1/14.

Can’t fight fate. The old wives are never wrong.

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  1. A friend who grew up in the Caribbean passed the same information on to me when I lived in NYC in my twenties. It was a good reason to have big parties-to guarantee fun throughout the year. I did have some great times, so maybe there is something to it. Enjoyable post. Happy New Year.


    • Happy new year to you too! My mom still asks me every year what was I doing on the stroke of midnight 🙂 Sometimes she calls me at midnight. I wonder if she’s trying to tell me something? Hmmm…


  2. Oh dear.. I’m going to fail at that New Years Resolution as well… I have so many blogs to catch up on! And… I wish that this old wives tale were true because I QUITE enjoyed what I was doing when the New Year rang in. I’ll just leave it at that….


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