Things Jamaican

Sometimes I find myself reminiscing about being back in Jamaica and I do miss the good times I used to have. But as the saying goes, “you can’t go back home.” For me, most of my friends have also emigrated and I don’t get to go back often anyway – air fare too high! Thankfully, I can still find some of the things here that remind me of home. Mainly food.

Let’s face it: we have lots of problems there that need intensive care treatment. It’s not all sunshine and beaches for people living there. But I’m not about that today.

What I miss about being back home are honest opinions, the swagger in abundance, and people’s ability to coin a phrase out of anything. Trust me, you will get an honest answer if you ask “do I look fat?” Our inherent swagger or just plain moxie is what compels a man to try and chat up a pregnant woman walking down the street hand in hand with her boyfriend. And where else would you hear “from Whappy kill Phillup” and not even question who is Whappy or Phillup? Chat ’bout!

Below are some of my favorite things about the land of my birth. No, you won’t see Bob Marley, The Reggae Boyz, or Usain Bolt here. And please stop asking me about the bobsled team! For me, it’s all about food and nature. Everything else can fall in line afterwards.

I had to include a pic of “the Lovebird”, Air Jamaica, in my collage. Still flying, but under new management. Ah, I do recall the whirlwind weekend trips to Miami — only a 90 minute flight — a bit less if the pilot needs to be somewhere in a hurry 🙂

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  1. I cannot imagine being away from my ‘homeland.’ I am glad that you have a positive spin on it and hope that it won’t be so long until you can go back. The swagger or moxie is cool. The flowers, plants and food all would be so lovely and delicious! I hope I can travel there someday!


    • Thanks for reading! It’s not easy sometimes, even after all these years. It might just be something like saying a phrase that’s uniquely Jamaican that someone else will not understand. Sometimes that’s frustrating, but other times that can be very handy 🙂 You should visit one day. It’s beautiful!


      • If I can save up, I would definitely like to travel again. I had a much better life once, as a teacher and in a partnership with a professionally employed husband. He lost his job for the last 3 years of our marriage, while I scrambled to finish my Master’s degree to keep my job, waited tables four nights a week and maintain my teaching job! We lost the house, our marriage and my degree is left up in the air. I now work in a physical job that is at least keeping me ‘fit!’


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