Final Day of NaBloPoMo

Finally, the last day of my blogging commitment is here! Woo-hoo! Blogging target fulfilled! A blog post everyday! Well, other than that one day when the dog ate my homework we had a massive power cut last Sunday, I pretty much submitted a post everyday. Sometimes even more than one on one […]

Just an Aside ~

I really enjoy writing short stories and usually have them all planned out. I put pen to paper, make notes, draft scenarios, and list all my characters. Sometimes this process can go on for quite some time as I keep revising and rewriting. Also, the thoughts in my head don’t necessarily […]


Now what have I gotten myself into?? I’ve committed myself to submitting a blogpost each day for November. Isn’t this, like, one of the busiest months of the year?? What was I thinking? I guess it will be interesting. I have a wedding to attend, a birthday, thanksgiving, a new boss– hmm, […]