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Always trying to escape my day job 💋

My Cold Weather Kids

Snowstorms, frosty nights, torrential rains ~ oh my! The first two school and work days of the new year were spent at home. I worked from home and schools here closed due to the snow. This week, at the hour when my older one left to catch the school bus, […]

Crazy Blogging Folk

What would you do? I’ve committed myself to writing more often, and as you bloggeristas know, the more you post, the more people will tend to visit your site. That’s a great bonus. Most of the time. The other day someone new linked to a post I had written in […]

Old Wives’ Tales

“Whatever the new year catches you doing, that’s what you’ll be doing all year.” Our grandma told us this every year when we were kids. And we certainly believed it. Well, we were kids. I remember believing this whole-heartedly back then, because my grandmother knew everything. My brother and I […]