The New Kid

Short...but not always so sweet 💋

The New Kid

Mario hated the first day of the school year. At just nine years old, he was starting his fourth school. Teachers at his previous school would use big words to describe him, like “disruptive” and “impulsive”. No one explained to him what that meant. Nor why he always ended up on the “naughty chair”, as Miss Deans called it at his old school. She always seemed so cross with him.

As a result of his behavior Mario found that classmates didn’t want to play with him. He couldn’t understand why. He thought he’d try harder for them to like him and so tried to hug everyone as they passed by. This landed him again in the naughty chair. Miss Deans mentioned something about “respecting other people’s personal space.” He wasn’t sure what that meant either.

Mario was always a little puzzled at his classmates. Whenever Miss Deans would ask the…

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