Another man’s war

Short...but not always so sweet 💋

The early morning sunlight streamed through the apertures of the window blinds casting hazy shadows on the walls. The bedside clock ticked rhythmically towards its appointed hour, where it sounded an alarm at 7:00 o’clock.

Glenn uncovered his head from under the bed sheets and squinted towards the sound. His hand made its way in the direction of the familiar sound and hit the “dismiss” button.

Outside, the Labrador next door barked her usual greetings from the fence to the children as they walked past on the way to school. Traffic was starting to ramp up with people going to work and parents driving their children to school. In the distance, a car horn sounded.

Glenn had no where in particular to be, but he liked the idea of getting up at a scheduled time each morning. It added structure to his day and gave him something to look forward…

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