Early Morning Intruder

Short...but not always so sweet 💋

From under the blanket, a hand slid up her nightshirt and caressed her hip, her thigh, her buttocks.

Deep within her slumber, Desi’s subconscious registered the disturbance. But she remained asleep on her left side in the darkness, as was her custom, facing outwards, oblivious to the sensation.

The hand moved deftly up to her breasts to massage them, caressing her skin as it went.

Desi moaned something unintelligible and arched her back.

The hand immediately withdrew.

Her eyes twitched. The sheets rustled as she rubbed her legs together and stretched them. She cracked her toes and curled up once more into her customary sleeping position and pulled the covers up closer to her chin.

Desi’s eyelids grew heavy once more and her body relaxed into the familiar warmth of the bed. Her breathing returned to a natural rhythm as she attempted to return to pre-interrupted sleep. In a few…

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