Death to Adverbs! (Writing 101)

Writing 101: Day Eight. – Write a post without adverbs.

Adverbs deniedMaggie trudged down the dusty road with her tired feet and her aching back. Sweat poured from her bronzed forehead as the sun pelted down on her small frame. She swallowed in order to moisten her mouth.

Maggie had enough cash to take the bus downtown to try to find work and then to return home. For the last 4 hours she had traversed the downtown streets in search of employment. However, at some time during the day, her basic need for food overtook her and so she had traded her return bus fare for a Snickers bar. She’d forgotten that she was eating for two and did not consider that she would need to eat before returning home.

Having already slogged 3 miles, there was still another 2 to go. What had compelled her to try to find a job at this stage of her pregnancy?


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  1. beautiful writing! i love flash fiction, and it’s amazing how much people can convey in such a short amount of words. i hardly noticed there were no adverbs in this, so a job well done by you ^^


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