The Winning Ticket

Debbie Wins beaucoup bucks…or does she?

Short...but not always so sweet 💋

Debbie had just won the lottery. Literally. The skinny, smiling beauty on the Lotto Jackpot drawing on TV last night finally picked the 6 numbers Debbie had been playing almost every week for the past three years. Fifty million dollars!! She was ecstatic!

As she pulled into the parking lot of her office building this morning, she devised a plan to quit her job.

Surely she and her family could live comfortably on $50 million (less taxes), she thought.

The 55-year old Debbie was fed up with her collections job. Her manager, Nick, whom she was not particularly fond of, kept expecting her to perform at a senior level. In fact, she had only ever held junior positions within any company.

She had been hired as Senior Collections Analyst three weeks ago. It was a lucky break as her employer at the time was undergoing a series of lay-offs over…

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