Oh, For A Day Off!

I love the idea of a day off! Not just any old day — not a bank holiday, nor a public holiday — but a day when everyone else is at school or work and I’m just taking that special day off for myself. With all the madness and deadlines of my job, a truly ME day is one that doesn’t involve thinking of anyone else and with no excitement whatsoever.

I don’t want to go to the hairdresser or get pampered at a spa — all those things take too much time! Where’s the fun in spending the entire day under a hair dryer, anyway? Shopping? That costs money! Besides, I can’t spend the entire day shopping without inevitably buying something for my children. To me, a day off means “taking it easy” by expending as little effort as possible, even if it means not driving anywhere. It’s the least I could do….

Here are my top 5 lazy days ideas:

Go Watch a Movie#1

This is seriously my most favorite thing to do on a day off from work. Actually, it seems to be the same for lots of people my age, too. Last year, my husband and I took the day to go watch “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” I thought the cinema would have been empty in the middle of the day. But when we got there and I looked around, it was full of many other middle-aged parents, who apparently had the same idea!

Well, it saves on baby-sitting costs and we get to see a movie and have lunch without having to rush back home.


Have a day at the beach


I haven’t done this as yet because the beach for me is more about socializing and eating, not so much about the beach itself. Besides, coming from a Caribbean island, the beaches of New England can hardly entice me. However, maybe in the Fall, after the children have returned to school, it should still be warm enough to sneak off and drive to the beach to spend some time away for the day! I’ll bring my Kindle and some food too.


DeathtoStock_Wired01To break up the boredom, if it came to that, I guess I could pick up my tablet or laptop and head out to a coffeehouse or a diner for a few hours. This is the day to catch up on my reading, personal emails, and listen in on other people’s conversations update my blog.




BBC One - Doctor Who#4

Because no day off is complete without geeking out all day watching Doctor Who, since I’m going to be home anyway, and it probably won’t happen any other time.




 #5Catch some zzz's

I can’t say enough how sleep-deprived I am! One of my dreams is to put everyone through the door and jump back into bed. And stay there for the rest of the day. The only time I’ve ever had this opportunity was when I had strep throat last year and I had to stay home. Even then I still had to wake up ever so often to take my medications. And I was in lots of pain. So I don’t think those days off counted…not so much….


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