Monument: The Shot Heard Round the World

This is in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument.

I live in the very center of the site of the American Revolution of 1775. I took these shots below at “The Old North Bridge” in Concord, Massachusetts.

It was during this time that Paul Revere warned that the British were coming. Here is where “the shot was heard ’round the world,”

And so began the American War for Independence.

I like visiting the Old North Bridge and whenever we have out of town visitors, we bring them here. I may not be American by birth, but I am a huge history buff and can well appreciate the over 200 years of history that’s here.

Before you get to the bridge itself, this stone marks the grave of two British soldiers who died during the North Bridge fight and have been buried here.



The Minute Man Statue, created in 1875, represents the farmers who put down their plows and picked up their muskets to fight for their freedom. Below that are the words printed on the base of the statue.




This is the North Bridge where the battle took place. British soldiers were ordered to secure this bridge and the one in the south to prevent rebels (colonists) from coming in to threaten their mission.

This is the fifth bridge to have been built on this site since the original one of 1775.



Here is a wider shot of the site from across the Concord River with the bridge on the left and the MInute Man statue on right


6 replies

  1. Gosh – when I was studying in Boston (years and years ago) I sometimes drove to that bridge and sat on in with my feet hanging over the side, and would write my assignments (long-hand back then!) Like you, I always took visitors there – and the Hawthorne, Alcott and Thoreau spots!


  2. Very picturesque and serene. I love the photo of the fifth bridge. It has a bit of a historical feel about it – not modernly designed. We don’t have many of those bridges like that in Australia.


    • The bridge has been remade to look like the original bridge of 1775. It’s a footbridge. There’s a boat rental nearby and I did see a family with 2 little kids rowing by. Gorgeous!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


      • Thanks for that. I would love to row past that bridge and admire it up close. But I might need to take rowing lessons first 😀 Those two little kids must’ve enjoyed rowing there!


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