Third-Rate Romance

This post is written in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:

Man-and-woman-icon-alt.svgOne idle day sometime ago, my best friend at the time (a guy) and I decided it would be a great idea to drive over to my place for a little “fun-time”. We had known each other for 6 years by then and up until that day, not a whiff of anything remotely romantic had ever passed between us, even though we were both single.

I don’t know what possessed us that day, or who dared whom, but the next thing I knew, we were in his car driving over to my flat.

It was the longest 20-minute drive ever, and on the way over, my head began to clear.

“What the hell am I doing?” was all I kept thinking. For the entire drive, I couldn’t even look in his face. Like falling from the 20th floor of a building, all I could imagine was the disaster that I was about to crash into, but unable to stop.

I had absolutely no attraction for him whatsoever! I tried to think of every excuse in the book to get out of this situation, but nothing came to mind. And how could I do this without hurting his feelings too? I mean, obviously he was up for it.

Time up.

As he pulled into the driveway, I suddenly blurted out, “Oh damn, I forget my keys! We can’t… We have to go back.”

Silently, I was praying he would just forget the whole thing too. Thankfully, he agreed to call it off until “another time”, as it would have been too much trouble to drive all the way to his place too.

We turned around and he drove me back to my car.

“Whew! Dodged that bullet!” I thought.

As I got out of his car and was starting to walk off, he called me back, dangling something in his hand.

“Hey!” he called. “You left your keys on the seat.”

We never mentioned this day ever again. But I’ve never stopped wondering when it was that he noticed my keys…and I wasn’t about to ask either.


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    • Ok that is a funny story. I think most of us have had that one person whom we really regretted “taking things to the next level” with. Glad yours didn’t turn in to a tragedy. Cheers


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