April fools!

Okay, Winter. Ha-ha. Yeah, April Fools — I get it.

You played a great joke on us, making us believe that you were moving out on March 20 and that Spring was moving in, as usual.

In the past 10 days since the announcement of this so-called “Spring”, we’ve had snow, sub-freezing temperatures, and for the last 4 days, unending freezing rain.

Springtime was supposed to look like this:

Family lying on green grass

Wonderful and carefree, lying in a sunny meadow, feeling the earth beneath your feet and the grass between your toes.

Instead we’ve been tormented with this:


We’ve had flooding at a nearby river and in the mid-west Winter Storm Xenia is still making her presence felt. Heck, they’re talking about snowfall projections in feet and not inches!

Winter Storm Xenia Forecast- Blizzard Striking North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota - weather.com Winter Storm Xenia Brings Str


We’ve been hoodwinked! Taken for fools on a grand scale!

Okay, Spring, Winter, Stalled Weather System, or whatever you call yourself. You’ve had your big practical joke at our expense. Har-har…

Consider this your eviction notice. Pack up your things and get outa here! This isn’t funny anymore!!



4 replies

  1. I don’t want to smirk, but we’re heading for winter down under, have no rain, and it’s jolly hot!


  2. Yikes! Winter can be so tricky sometimes. 😉 Unfortunately, over here in Singapore we have the opposite problem – it’s been insanely hot. Oh, weather, why must you be so fickle…?


    • Throw some heat our way, please! The temperature has actually risen today. Not too warm, but just enough where I could leave my coat unbuttoned while walking 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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