I’d like to report a crime

Sometime early this morning, an hour was stolen from me.

I don’t know how it happened, but I knew that something was amiss when I woke up and the times on the cable box and the wall clock were showing one hour apart. They were showing exactly the same time when I went to bed!

My entire morning has been spent trying to recover these 60 minutes. I’m already in a rush every Sunday to finish the tasks I didn’t do on Saturday and to prepare for work and school on Monday. I didn’t have an extra hour to spare!

Whoever stole my one hour was very sneaky about it. I went to bed at about 1:00 am and all was well. I checked all the doors and windows, as I usually do, so I know the thief did not come in that way. When I woke up, I looked at the cable box it said 8:30 am, but I didn’t feel like I’d slept that long. When I glanced at the clock on the wall above that, it only said 7:30. I was confused! I checked my phone. It concurred with the cable box. But all the clocks on the walls, the microwave, the stove – they all were one hour behind!

Was it alien abduction?

The time was almost stolen from this one, but it looks like the thief may have been interrupted during the process:

Karlsson clock

How could I have been robbed this way?? I started to mentally round up the usual suspects.

Was it this guy?

Man hanging from clock

Or possibly this one? He looks sneaky enough! And he’s still carrying the evidence:

thief_of_time poster

Not sure about this one, but I gave his description to the authorities anyway:

12.-unique-and-creative-light-brown-silhouette-clockI am pleading with you, whoever you are! I just need my one hour back. I’m already sleep-deprived and Sunday morning is the only time I get to sleep as long as I’d like. To rob me of that one hour while I was sleeping was nothing less than mean-spirited and criminal!

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  1. This by far was the best post on the daylight change I have read, lol. Try working with a team from the Philippines who don’t change their time and explaining why the reporting system messed up because it was in Central Time but the report needs to be in Eastern Time. 😆


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