This train is never late

Happy International Women’s Day!

How great it is to have a day that pays homage to women of all faces and races from all places. A day to encourage young girls to be whatever they want to be and to speak up for their rights. A day to celebrate the achievement of women, the bringers of life, the keepers of the family, and in many cases, the only parent a child will ever see.

So what a beautiful tribute it is that Google has so kindly uploaded one of their doodles into YouTube in appreciation of all types of women, with a musical soundtrack from Belgian-Congolese vocalist Zap Mama. The doodle was designed by Google with the intention of providing “a glimpse” of what some women across the world are doing and to focus in a positive way on their lives.

But hold on, my friends! Roll up! Roll up! The train of haters is a-coming, on time as usual! This train is so ancient, it’s still in black and white and powered by steam. Its passengers cannot bear the thought of CHANGE and PROGRESS.


As it pulls into the station, it offloads its cargo of haters, backbiters, morons, and neaderthals, all clamoring for a “gentler time” when women knew their place in society, preferably barefoot and in the kitchen or naked and in bed.

I turn to none other than the same YouTube commenters who cannot understand what the hell women need their “own day” for. They call us “bitches” and “feminists”. Some of them had never heard of such a day and wanted to know why there wasn’t a “men’s day”, or as this verbally-challenged person asked:


It’s November 19th, in case you were wondering — and didn’t know how to use Google.

Another smart aleck remarked:

Happy politicaly correct liberal stupid bitches day. Abortions are half off this weekend

Thanks! I’ve been meaning to get that done for some time!

And did he think this was amusing?

These women should be doing more productive things with their time, like cleaning and cooking for their husbands and men in the household.

Sounds like he still lives at home with mom, and looking for that “special one” to share his life with…awww….

And of course, the other train that’s really never late pulled up right after the first one:

The anti-European Zionist propaganda is strong in this ad.

Feminism is a hate group, atheism is on the rise, young generation most likely to use drugs, provoke violence and have sex; now we have an incompetent president, a godless neo-Nazi Europe, a polluted Asia, an unfair third world. Human morality is fucked.
Does this mean the end is near?

Yes, dear commenter. The end is not coming; the end is here.

In many countries, from first world to third world, there are entire families with mothers and grandmothers with nary a father or grandfather in sight. In certain societies, women still remain second class or no-class citizens, with only the rights men allow them to have. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, a woman cannot legally drive a car, a basic right that many of us take for granted every day. In the USA, based on median annual earnings for full-time, year-round workers, women earned 76.5% of men’s earnings in 2012. As a matter of fact, taking any factor and any job into account, there were no scenarios when men earned a smaller percentage than women. Every year, women are raped, trafficked, beaten, and abused, and this type of violence does not discriminate between age, culture, race, or country. Throughout the history of humanity, women have been taken from their families as war trophies and this practice still continues to this day in war torn regions of the world.

Chances are, most of the women who would likely want to know that they are valued and appreciated will never know about today and what it means or that there are other women and men in the world who think they are special BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN.

So haters, give us an effin’ break if we “feminist, liberal, stupid bitches” have been given ONE DAY out of the entire year to celebrate OURSELVES. It’s not a holiday. Your working hours aren’t being reduced because of today. Truth is that this won’t affect your life one single bit. Your dinner will still be ready when you need it. So just relax and celebrate the woman in your life. That’s all it means.

4 replies

  1. Awesome post…and so very very true!
    I guess many people unjustly view female emancipation and/or acceptance of black people for instance as something that was meaningful in the 1950’s but that is has now been settled.
    In all honesty I had forgotten all about women’s day, so thanks for reminding me of it…as Basil is currently working on that ‘Book of F.A.G.G.O.T. of his, I’ll be sure to tell him he must devote a considerable chunk on women’s rights!


    • Thank you! Yes, many of those people on that train believe that now we all have equal rights so it’s okay to openly ill-treat us and call us names. I particularly enjoy the term “Femmie-Nazi.” Ah yes, the end is indeed here.

      Please tell Basil I look forward to his book. I think he could just post snippets from time to time if he’s too busy to finish the whole thing. Either way, I will invite my fellow feminist liberals to read and enjoy 🙂


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