50 Weeks of Resolutions ❧ Wk 3

avocadoThis week I realized how much I really can’t stand avocados.

I’ve avoided it all my life. I especially can’t stand the look of guacamole. It just makes me sick.

But so many great recipes include avocado,  I thought. And lots of people love it. It’s filled with all the good fats too. I come from a country where this fruit grows wild. Every summer it’s the staple in everyone’s home. I mean, everybody eats it. Except me.

So, I decided this past week that, as I am a grown woman who’s experienced love, loss, and childbirth, I would be brave enough to try a slice of avocado. I found several exciting salads that included avocado, and bought my favorite salad dressing and all the trimmings. I went to work on creating this masterpiece on Sunday night.

It was such an awful experience!

I can see now that I have a serious aversion to the sight, feel, smell, and texture of this green dynamo. Slicing it up made me cringe, because it is a very oily fruit, so handling it was a bit of a stretch for me. But like a trooper I went ahead and mixed it into the green salad anyway.

Then I tasted it. Um, not so bad as it was mixed in with so many other things.

BUT, I could SMELL it! Ugh! It wasn’t a horrible smell, but it brought back all these horrible memories from growing up around people eating it. I didn’t even remember it had a smell!

Ugh!! That was just about where it ended for me. My husband ate the rest of it and I swore off ever having avocados again.

I can now cross this off my list of foods to try. Eating more of it will require serious therapy, which I’m not prepared to do. At least I can say I’ve tried it and good riddance. I’ll stick with all my other green foods from now on.

2 replies

  1. Well, you tried it at least…while I don’t cringe over avocados as much as you I definitely understand your feelings towards them…if it wasn’t for guacamole, I would probably stay away from them completely;)
    Know I said it before, but your site looks really great this way!


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