50 Weeks of Resolutions ❧ Wk 1

I’m off to a lukewarm start less than 2 weeks into the new year. ☹

So to recap, my plans for personal improvement (a.k.a. “resolutions”) were, in a nutshell:

  1. new-years-resolutions-diary-story-topGet to bed before 1:00 am
  2. Get to work before 10:00 am
  3. Leave work by 6:00 pm
  4. Exercise more/go to all Zumba classes/don’t sit down all day
  5. Stick to eating plan
  6. Blog every other day

#1,2,3 ~ Grade F (must work harder!)

Grade FEpic Fail!! As was to be expected, reso’s 1, 2, and 3 have been abysmal, to say the least! The truth that I’m a night person. I get my second wind at about 3:00 pm and I could seriously work like a beast until 4:00 am, if given the chance. At this very moment, it’s after midnight and I’m just about ready for bed. To make matters worse, I’m not particularly inspired to get to work before 10. This is the final year that I can use my son’s school bus pick up time (8:45 am) as an excuse – next year the bus comes at 8:00! As a result of getting to work when some are already dreaming of lunch, I leave work later, perhaps around 8:00 pm, which I personally don’t mind, but some other people seem to ☺

#4 ~ Grade A- (✌Good Job!!)

Grade A minusYaay! I’ve bought dance shoes and Zumba has become a much more enjoyable, less painful experience! I do like it ~ it’s my only opportunity for shaking my groove thang ~ and I can follow the instructor 85% of the time. She’s a bit crazy and when the music gets to her head, she’ll just switch moves on us. But, I like it and I’m sticking with it (this time). I’ve also resumed my 3 mile interval run/walk 5 mornings per week, after some half-assed efforts for the past 4 months. Besides, I have to work off all that carb-ridden Christmas cake replete with calories that we all gorged on for three weeks. I lost points for still sitting down all day, but to be honest, the weather’s been crappy all month. I can’t go out for a walk in minus 5 degrees (right?).

#5 ~ Grade C (more effort needed)

Grade CWell, I’ve made an(other) eating plan, does that count? I was very good the first few days. Then my boss brought in a carton of Snackwell Vanilla Cremes! What was she thinking?? I told her in no uncertain terms that they were not good for my eating plan! But she bought them for charity (she says) and didn’t want to eat them all by herself…and they are full of that creamy vanilla goodness….oh well, if it’s for charity….

#6 ~ Grade F (must try harder)

I must try harder, it’s true. But, year end duties are the most important time of the year for my full-time paying employment. I’ll plan better and do better next time…promise.

So there you have it. I want to get back on track. These are certainly not my most urgent self-improvement plans for the year, but I have control over these particular activities. I don’t want them to take over my life either, but I can’t let the scale run wild again as it did last year. Now to take care of resolution #1… ah yes…too late tonight for that…❧


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  1. I am going to say that you don’t EVER deserve an “F!” You are trying, sweetie! I always gave the lowest C’s possible to my slackers in middle school! I did not believe in F’s! I did not get into too much trouble over this, since I usually asked the ones who were almost failing to do extra projects. Usually ‘bad students’ just needed extra attention! My very ‘worst’ one, Christopher, got to be the blackboard eraser and the bulletin board director. I gave him all the stuff for my month/season and he loved being able to staple them up any way he could. He gained confidence. I am hoping to give you confidence! My own Mom made my ex-husband a huge roast beef sandwich and gave me two Zweiback crackers, okay they were RyKrisp crackers with one piece of cheese on it. Even my ‘mean’ ex thought my Mom was being harsh but when I look back at my former self, I would have yelled at me, too! But 5-6 mini meals really are the best way to go, not that huge roast beef sandwich which I craved but take it apart and use the meat for 2-3 days, and throw that delicious bun out for the ducks or squirrels! That is what saved me from being prescribed the anti-cholesterol meds that my two brothers take! Heredity is a B!! (rhymes with witch!)


    • Lol! Thanks, Robin! You are the cheerleader that I need! Ok, TWO ZWEIBACK CRACKERS??? C’mon, mom! I know she meant well, though 🙂

      Now that our house has seen the last of those yummy Christmas cakes (that I baked), I can realistically focus on eating properly. I’m doing much better this week, thank you 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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