My Cold Weather Kids

Snowstorms, frosty nights, torrential rains ~ oh my!

The first two school and work days of the new year were spent at home. I worked from home and schools here closed due to the snow.

This week, at the hour when my older one left to catch the school bus, the temperature each time was below zero with wind chills of down to minus 11 for the first three days. When my 7 year-old went out, he was unrecognizable: snow pants, snow boots, winter coat, hat, scarf mittens, with barely 2 little eyes peeking out.

They take all this in stride. They love the snow and the cold too, I guess. They want to dig a tunnel through the 10-foot high pile of snow outside. A few years ago I went to pick up the older one from school, and I found her and her best friend playing coat-less in the playground in 20-odd degree temperatures. They’re annoyed when they can’t go to school in that weather. This is what they know.

Today, was the warmest day of the week. 55 degrees! We went out for a couple hours and on the way back home, we were deluged with sheets of rain. My frost-hardy children started to freak out. You’d think they were melting!

They went fast….

We got home and they ran out of the car like every drop of rain would pierce their skin. They entered the house screaming and shrieking.

“We have to close the blinds!” one yelled.

“The power’s going to go out!” the other one screamed.

“Lightning and thunder!!” somebody yelled.

I asked them what the heck is the problem? What’s all the ruckus about??

“Omigod, there’s so much rain!!” came one answer.

“It’s like a hurricane!” whimpered one voice.

Really? As long as I’ve been in this here frozen northeast, I have never experienced rain as I did when we lived in south Florida or in the Caribbean.

This kind of rain, where the umbrella doesn't stand a chance and you can't see anything before you.

This kind of rain, where the umbrella doesn’t stand a chance and you can’t see anything before you.

So there I was trying to console them from what was really heavy showers of rain. If it were cold enough to snow instead of rain, I know they’d want to be out there playing in it! At least with the rain there’s no shoveling afterwards.

Who are these children???! I’m a tropical girl – sun and rain are normal weather for me! This was no tropical downpour.

But my two Eskimos? Bone-chilling cold they can deal with – no problem – but a little downpour and they’re falling apart.

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  1. I agree it is all about what we are used to. Rain. I’m used to, but when it was in the 20 and 30’s, I thought I was going to turn into a meat Popsicle. Yet some if my friends across the world were joking about coming out to me to warm up!


  2. I remember when I first moved to Suriname. It was the rain season and two to three times a week the streets would be covered in one feet of water…took me a while to get used to that;)


    • Yes, I can imagine that would take some getting used to! 🙂 Same thing in Jamaica.

      The worst rain I’ve ever encountered was when I lived in South Florida. Such downpours every afternoon, flooding the streets (before they discovered they could build drains), thunder and lightening. It was weird how the rain just suddenly appeared and left in 5 minutes. Then you’d have bright sunshine like nothing had just happened.


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