Crazy Blogging Folk

What would you do?

I’ve committed myself to writing more often, and as you bloggeristas know, the more you post, the more people will tend to visit your site.

That’s a great bonus. Most of the time.

The other day someone new linked to a post I had written in December and, as I normally do, I visited their blog and started to read their content.

What kind of crazy ass sh*t can I conjure up in my mind today?

OMFG! What a load of hate-filled ranting and raving I found there! I can’t believe people spend so much time spewing serious hate online. There were several posts each day dedicated to hating various groups because of their ethnicity or just because they were perceived (in his head) to be linked to that ethnicity. To be honest, he took specific aim at one group in particular. It was as if he spends all day holed up in a room typing away furiously with his thesaurus by his side, just in case his mind couldn’t form another anti-Semitic word or another adjective for Barack Obama.

I guess he hadn’t seen my face or I must have written a damn good post 🙂

And oh the joy at his own crazy ideas!

And oh the immense joy at his own crazy ideas!

I kept reading and flipping through his posts because I just kept thinking that it was must have been some form of satire. But it wasn’t. I was waiting for the punch line, but it never showed up. Apparently he really meant everything he wrote down.

I won’t bother to promote his blog by putting the name here, but what was most interesting was that, for the myriad of posts he wrote, there were no comments and no “likes” (except for one) on any of his posts as far back as I would allow myself to read. Surely if you write 100 posts in one month, someone must like something you wrote? Perhaps he deleted all the comments?

As the link (pingback) was awaiting my approval, I just deleted it so it didn’t link to my post and I got the hell outa there.

He must have a lot of time of his hands. From the moment I wake up in the mornings I’m like a tornado until bedtime. Every day is packed with deadlines and I still need to find the time for family and this little sideline called blogging.

Who the heck has the time to write 1,000-word posts everyday full of hate from your own conjecture? And nobody “likes” them? You better put your time to better use, man.

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  1. It’d be interesting to know what made this guy link your post, seeing as your blog can’t really be considered hate speech, can it? Weird…
    Sometimes I write posts that I fear might offend people or get me into trouble…but then I just check a random religious WordPress site to remember that there are people out there far more offensive than me;)


    • It was my post on Krampus. So yeah your posts aren’t meant to be offensive and not read as offensive either. With this guy’s blog right away you get it. Then you ask yourself “is this for real?” I’m still asking myself.


  2. I don’t understand racism. I don’t understand why someone can dislike someone just based off of their looks. You know absolutely NOTHING about that person, yet you hate them because of the color of their skin? because they have a towel on their head? because they have a cross around their neck? because they walk different from you?

    What a better place this world would be if we could just judge people on their character instead of how they look.


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