Sunday Quote 11/10

Okay, I’ll confess:

I’ve committed myself to posting everyday in November but today I’m really out of time and my ideas will take too long to sort out into a readable format.

Therefore I will leave you with this memorable quote from Principal McGee, Rydell High School:

Principal McGee

If you can’t be an athlete,

Be an athletic supporter.

Good night, all.

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3 replies

    • Grease was on TV over the weekend. I watched some of it. Believe me, I couldn’t remember any of the dialogue before! 🙂
      As for posting everyday, WHAT was I thinking?? I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, where I said I’d post every day in November. It’s challenging, but I’m making a go of it!


      • Well I admire you! I can’t commit to any sort of measurable group effort, haha. It’s an eternal flaw.
        And yeah– I feel like each time I have watched “Grease” I am always like “Woah! Did they just say that?!”


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