Just an Aside ~

I really enjoy writing short stories and usually have them all planned out.

I put pen to paper, make notes, draft scenarios, and list all my characters. Sometimes this process can go on for quite some time as I keep revising and rewriting. Also, the thoughts in my head don’t necessarily translate well to paper. Besides, I’m not a writer by profession and so my day job gets in the way of me actually finishing a proper story in the time that I would like. This is really my side project. A diversion for my alter ego, if you wish.

When I think that I at least have the main ideas jotted down with the meat of the story developing in my mind, I prepare the plot. These are not terribly complicated dramas, but I still would like to put some effort into them. With little interruptions from family obligations and such, I plan exactly how the story will begin, what takes place in the middle, the climax, and how it will end.

Then I start to write.

And every single time, I surprise myself with an unplanned ending.

I like that feeling.

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