“Doctor Who: The Vault” – a review

Title:  Doctor Who: The Vault. Treasures from the First 50 Years

Author:  Marcus Hearn

Specs:  320 pages, 4 lbs, 11″x10″x1.2″.

The full and official story of Doctor Who, from the show’s first pre-production memos in 1963 to behind-the-scenes material from the latest season…the ultimate celebration of all that is Doctor Who.

Hot off the press, my book arrived from Amazon as promised, on the day of its release to US readers, October 29th.

Produced by the BBC, this is the official story behind the making of Doctor Who, with the foreword written by Executive Producer, Steven Moffat. The book is laid out chronologically, but, being Doctor Who, in a rather timey-wimey manner.

There is a chapter for each year that the show was on TV. There is even one for the period 1997-2004 when the TV version was on hiatus, with fans having no idea when or if it would return.

Interspersed throughout, are photographic pieces of mementos: a note and picture from 1965 from Shepperton Studios Art Department regarding the first Daleks, a sketch by June Hudson for the “look” of the Fifth Doctor, a clipping from “The Radio Times” on November 21, 1963, and costume designs throughout the era.

There are interviews with cast and crew and hundreds of pictures of memos and props. Each and every companion and enemy or monster has been immortalized in this vault.

And this brings me to the title of the book. This is certainly great fodder for all Doctor Who fans, but I believe the term “Vault” is a little misleading. I thought there would have been pull-out material from the set; replicas of props – maps, postcards, report cards.

Instinctively, I love this 50th anniversary publication. It’s a celebration of each year of the television show’s existence in rich and vivid color.

Every fan should get this collector’s item.

Doctor Who - the vault

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