Now what have I gotten myself into??

I’ve committed myself to submitting a blogpost each day for November.

Isn’t this, like, one of the busiest months of the year?? What was I thinking?

I guess it will be interesting. I have a wedding to attend, a birthday, thanksgiving, a new boss– hmm, maybe I will find some things to write about after all.

Well, no takesie-backsies, I guess. Off I go!

Like Nike…

Just do it

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  1. It really is one of the busiest months isn’t it?? What are they thinking? It should be in, say, March. Not much going on there. Good luck to you…I’m trying it too. No new boss, but a grad class to finish. Have fun 🙂


    • Thanks! You too! I also have more than one blog, like you do. Does this still work if we post on either blog as long as it’s everyday? Maybe it will inspire me to post more on the others too 🙂


  2. I think what “counts” is whatever you decide “counts.”

    I joined the NaNoWriMo novel writing thing a few years back. I don’t do it anymore because it just doesn’t fit into my life and my goals, but it was a very good thing to have done. First–a lot of interesting writing came out and that novel, although not yet published (I’m still revising and editing it; and that’s always a slow process for me), the challenge forced some really interesting things to happen in the story. It also trained me in the discipline of just writing, no matter what, until writing every day became a habit. (They say that if you do something consistently for 30 days, you will have made it into a habit).

    I’ve noticed that there is no such thing as writer’s block for me anymore. There is always something to write, just as there is always something to think or say.

    Have fun with the challenge.


    • Thanks. I guess I always think that my life is not interesting enough to share, but I’m sure I can find more than just my life to blog about 🙂
      I am hoping to get something out of this – the ability to write easily everyday without agonizing over it.
      I also have the idea for a short novel in my head. Putting it on paper is rather a stressful process. The editing and re-editing part and trying to convince myself that I can actually do this. But that’s another project for another time, I think.
      Good luck with your writing!


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