Like Pavlov’s Dog

I have become addicted to the sound of the WordPress notification on my phone.

Is this my insecurity rearing its ugly head? I need the acknowledgement of my WP peers! Will anyone read my post today? I often wonder. I invested so much time into writing it.

I pause at what I’m doing to make notes on possible topics to blog about next time.

“BRRRRING!” My phone chimes. Then my iPad vibrates. Like Pavlov’s dog, I’ve been conditioned, figuratively salivating at the familiar sound that indicates my pending reward. My pulse quickens.

Is it another “like”? I reach for my phone in anticipation.

Or is someone just getting around to responding to the comment I left on their site last week? I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Did they appreciate my comment and insight on their post? Have they read my blog too?

I hesitate. Is it a comment on one of my own posts? I cringe and hope it’s not an internet troll.

Eagerness overtakes me as I unlock my phone to search the notification page for the giant “W” and select it.

Success! Someone does like my post! They really do!

And so, my insecurities momentarily assuaged, I re-enter the world of the normal and continue to live my life.

And await in anticipation of the next WordPress chime.

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