DP: Eye of the Beholder

“Never lose an opportunity for seeing something beautiful.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

On a walking trail the other day, I encountered some tree fungi and mushrooms growing in the forest. I am no mushroom expert, but I thought they looked interesting and took some pictures. I just thought it was fascinating they way they grew out of the trees, surviving on the leftovers, and of course, there were others just growing undisturbed along the path.

20130825_142305 20130825_142311 20130825_142316 20130825_142406 20130825_143258 20130825_143310 20130825_143318

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  1. I think you have captured some wonderful examples of fungi! Beautiful quote to support the views! I felt like I had taken the walk with you! This is something that you should be having more viewers checking out the natural wonders!


    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words. I should really do some research to see what type of mushrooms those were. I was used to the ones on the ground, but had never seen them growing off a tree before. I’ll be on the lookout on the next trail walk 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by! I had never seen them before either but these were in an undisturbed forest area and off the walking part of the trail. Probably grew even larger after the recent rainfall too.


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