Where Did The Summer Go?

I live in New England. You can tell when the summer starts. Everyone gets “the legs out”. In the office, the flipping of the flip-flops are heard everywhere. Skirts get shorter; shorts are in season; everyone is getting a tan. Restaurants open their roofs and outdoor patios. Convertible cars and motorbikes, which have been in storage for the previous 7 months, are now everywhere to be seen. The highways are laden with traffic heading to the beach areas every weekend.

And the fruit flies. Oh god, the fruit flies are EVERYWHERE! It’s enough for me to wish that winter would return.

I’m a tropical person. I like to see the sun and I like to feel the sun…but not too much. When I just moved here, people used to ask me during the summer months if I went outside that weekend. No, why? I would ask. “Because the sun was out!” they would say. I told them that where I was from the sun was expected to be out all day, and we didn’t practice going out into the sun if we didn’t have to. Of course, we only had one season there: Summer.

Summer now has a whole new meaning for me. I have to take a break from my desk and go for a one or two mile walk around the building several times a week just to get some sun. The kids are out of school and my husband and I spend most of the weeks dropping them off and picking them up from various activities at various times of the day. I’m at Whole Foods trying to buy as many summer fruits as I can. I have also now joined the mass of people trying to get to the beach or a pool at some time or other during the two-month window of summer that we have here. And yes, I too, have to get my legs out.

Seaside summer pic
But now it’s all over. The notice regarding the pool closing on Labor Day and schools re-opening on Tuesday are two sure signs that summer is, in effect, all gone.

Sigh! Winter is coming….

At least all the fruit flies will be gone.

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  1. Oh, I wear sandals in March, start shaving, trimming my toenails, and cannot bear the thought of October or November, going back to shoes. Of course, wearing steel toed shoes all day makes me really want to peel those babies off! Loved the summer post, sorry I am a little late getting on it for comments!


    • I start officially “protesting” against winter in May. I tell everyone it’s time to leave the coats at home, even when I’m freezing! Last week I continued to wear skirts and sandals to work even though every evening I had to practically run to my vehicle when I was leaving as it was so cold! I think it’s going to be pants and closed shoes as of next week though. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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