Been so long…

Hello World!

This is what happens when one takes on more than one can chew. I had taken a hiatus from blogging and it evolved into several months, due to the everyday demands of life and increased responsibilities at work — and just after I made those wonderful New Year resolutions, too. Oh, the irony!

But then, I did also take a hiatus from yoga, and now 2 years later, I feel completely out of sorts with my body.

Every now and then it is probably good to take a step away from our prescribed routines to appreciate just how wonderful it all was. Like changing your hair conditioner every 6 months.

Well, break time is over! I’m returning to blogging and I’m returning to yoga next month too.

Been too long.

Categories: life

2 replies

  1. Oh, how I sometimes just want to take a big break, but not from blogging! From work! Anyway, we are all glad to have you back. I enjoy the way you “talk” to us like friends!


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