New Year Resolutions

Counting down to the final hours of 2012, I recalled all the pipe dreams that I swore to fulfill only 365 days ago. I had planned to go out more and socialize. I know I had planned to lose 20 lbs. I probably had planned to spend more meaningful play time with my children and not shout at them so much. Perhaps I had also resolved to call my parents more, as we’re all getting older. I believe I was also going to cook something new every Sunday (what was I thinking??) God knows what else I promised myself.

I can honestly say that none of those resolutions stuck for very long.

This year, in 2013, I will make the same resolutions all over again.

Why is it that we make these promises to ourselves each year, only to break them by the first day of spring? I know if I go to the gym next week, I’ll be lining up to use the treadmill, but it’s safe to say that by April, the crowd will definitely have thinned out.

A new year gives us hope. It makes us feel that we get a do-over, another chance. Things didn’t work out so well in the previous year, so we think that if we just get a brand new year to try again, perhaps we’ll succeed this time. And being human we truly believe this, year after year.

A new year gives us something to strive for. We resolve to fix the problems of the past and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. We are filled with a new purpose and earnestly declare our aspirations for the upcoming year. What could be more ambitious and optimistic than believing we can successfully improve our lives in a way that we may not have been able to just one year before?

So in 2013, I know I will lose those 20 lbs and I will most certainly call my parents more often and I will schedule some play time with my children. I have a few more resolutions to add to my list but I can say for certain that I will not be cooking something new and unusual every Sunday. I do have my limits.

Does anyone have any burning new resolutions that they need to fulfill?

Happy new year and new resolutions, everyone!

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  1. You are great at setting goals, you have reset them and believe in them. I have hope for you accomplishing them. Now, me, organization and cleaning up messy closets. That is an overwhelming task, but it is on my list to do in 2013! I found when I had music on, kids around, giving each some cans of soup to use as weights, I could have “dance parties” and lost some weight that way. Also, cutting way back on sugar and white flour worked. But I had a doctor tell me she would give me one year or I would have to take anti-cholestrol meds. I read the side effects and got right on that diet! (I did 20 one year and the next 20 lbs. more the next…It lowered my cholestrol about 20 pts. each year.) Good luck and hope this sounds like I am encouraging you!


    • Thanks for reading my post and for the encouragement! I do like to set goals, but sometimes go astray during their execution 🙂 That was great that you lost so much weight year over year ~ congratulations on that! I’m also trying to keep a journal to track the progress of my goals. Hopefully this will also keep me focused on accomplishing things this year. Thanks again for dropping by!


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