Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Green (Short Story)

They had first met one verdant Spring afternoon at a mutual friend’s garden party. He was a bit unrefined and green, and not very experienced in the social graces. She was young, green, and a bit trusting, but unlike him, was well acquainted with the subtleties of flirting and dating. So it happened that their first date would be at his 10th year high school reunion a week later.

The affair was being held at the Village Common, a newly renovated park, with its luxurious green lawns, at contrast with the apple blossoms, freesias, and gardenias already in full bloom. In the middle of the garden was a beautiful white pergola complete with a canopy of green foliage and cascading ivy down the latticework.

He caught sight of her as soon as she arrived. She strode purposefully towards him, wearing a chartreuse-coloured dress, as promised, as it accentuated her particular shade of green eyes.

Everyone there turned to look at her as she walked over to him and kissed him on the lips. “Him?” went the whispers. He could sense them all, green with envy – all the women wanted to be her, and all the men wanted to be with her.

He took her hand in his and they walked off down the garden path, immersed in each other and savoring the newness of their green, fledgeling relationship.

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