Held hostage by the microwave oven

The door of our microwave oven got damaged on Friday night. The inner part of the door somehow separated from the outer shell so I have decided that we’re going to stop using it and have it replaced on Monday. It’s about 6 years old.

Since then we have been rendered almost powerless in our kitchen. Saturday morning, I got up and entered the kitchen only to stop and wonder how I was going to “cook” my 6 year-old’s instant oatmeal? What? Use the stove top??

As a lazy tea drinker, I usually sip very warm tea throughout the day. Because I’m using such a large mug, at about halfway through I would stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds to get it back to the desired temperature. This time, about halfway through, when I would normally go to reheat it, I realized I’d have to drink the rest of the tea in its tepid state.  That idea did NOT enhance my calm.

After my son’s soccer practice on a Saturday, we usually get some deli pizza for the children and some other deli meal for my husband and myself for lunch. After we got home, I realized that I would have to eat my curry chicken at room temperature, since I couldn’t warm it up in the microwave.

At dinner time, I had planned on making baked potatoes. It only takes about 4 minutes to nuke each potato so figured I would start making the rest of dinner, leaving the baked potato part until later. I didn’t even realize until I was ready to start cooking the fish that I should have started the potatoes in the conventional oven about 45 minutes earlier. Aaargh! Never mind that I’ve never even baked a potato in a regular oven before! Dinner was going to be late, as I quickly checked some websites for the best way of making oven-baked potatoes – 60 minutes @ 400 degrees, by the way.

When did I become that person? I’ve always cooked and baked. I’m all about healthy cooking and eating. I hardly even use the microwave oven. Well, at least I thought so. I guess I’ve been taking it for granted that the microwave oven would always be at the ready when I needed to give instant heat to any meal. I mean, this thing has only been in my life for the last 20 years. If I’m baking a cake, I don’t have to leave the frozen butter out on the counter from the night before to get it nice and soft; I can just nuke it for a few seconds and voilà!

So tonight I’m making the hot cocoa for my 12 year old. We’re not going to warm the milk in the microwave for 60 minutes, no. We’re slowly stirring some milk in a small saucepan for five minutes over a low burner. Then add the powdered cocoa, dash of cinnamon, stir a little more and there you go.


Take that, useless microwave!

Categories: family, humor

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  1. I feel your pain on this microwave thing.
    For some very weird reason, I’ve recently decided that the microwave is evil and I’ll only use it when I must (microwaveable veggies in a packet). I’ve gone back to reheating in the oven or on the stovetop, which takes a bit longer but I’ve convinced myself that it’s healthier and just better.
    My children and roommate are still very much into the microwave (which may be on it’s last leg… it’s probably as old as my older child. hehehe), so I let them do as they please with it, but for me, I’ll stick to the stovetop and oven- when I can.

    So, have you slipped back into microwave dependence since then?


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