Football Fever

Football, YES!

Not “American football“, as I and most of my friends call it. The real deal. Soccer, if you wish.

It’s the weekend and the only TV sports I am interested in are all of the the Barclay’s Premier League football matches. I am involved in two fantasy football leagues and I take a keen interest in my football team’s welfare as if I really owned a Premier League team worth £101 million. I wish.

Each week, I track the injury lists and I scour various websites to glean who will be fit to play in the next upcoming match. I get to trade only one player for free each week and I want to make it count.

But it isn’t all about the fantasy teams and trying to score the highest points.

It’s the sheer thrill of watching the teams from the best football league in the world perform each week.

I am an avid fan of Manchester City. But I also support Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, and more recently, Newcastle. I have never visited the homes of any of these teams. I don’t even own a t-shirt. However, week after week, I am glued to the TV and to my computer to watch the best football matches of the season.

I experience all the emotions as if I were one of the spectators in the stadium. My heart races throughout the whole 90 minutes. I curse bitterly when my team messes up. I shout and scream when they score a superb goal. I’ll go running through the house screaming in joy after a particularly great come-from-behind victory, like the nail-biting final last season (2011/12) between Manchester City and Queen’s Park Rangers. The winner of the league remained undecided for the entire 90 minutes, right down to the final seconds of this particular match, when a most superb and unlikely goal in extra time named Manchester City the Premier League Champions, a title they had not held since 1968.

There is no rhyme or reason for my affinity for English football. I like the fact that there are very few drama queens on the field in English football these days, compared to some of the other European leagues. I also like that there is representation from so many other countries and continents playing for English clubs and that fans just accept them as their own.

English football is something I grew up with but never started following until two years ago. Since then, I just cannot get enough of it. In between seasons, I am restless and experience football withdrawal. What to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning? Last year, I watched the reruns. This year, thankfully, there was the London Olympics and Euro 2012 to tide me over until the 2012/13 premier league season.

I cannot claim to be an expert on English football, by any means. But I am definitely in love with it. I can’t wait until Monday to get my weekly podcasts recapping the weekend’s matches and to agree or disagree with the broadcasters about what occurred.

…And now to check if I have earned millions on my fantasy investment as fantasy football club manager.

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