What I really do on my summer holidays

My husband and I have taken 2 weeks off from work for our annual family summer holidays with the children. School reopens in just over a week’s time and this is the best time for all of us to have the time off to be together. We don’t have to worry about alarm clocks, getting to bed early, waking up early, or the daily rush. I look forward to this every year.

Of course, summer vacation to many of us means going to the beach, summer camp, visiting relatives, visiting a foreign country, and so on. Our children spent the first half of their school vacation in summer school and summer camp. The grandparents also came to visit for 2 weeks.

We managed to squeeze in a short 3-day trip to Ottawa, Canada. I try to have at least one big thing each summer for the children and this was it. They love a road trip! We did lots of walking around this city and ate all the foods that we shouldn’t.

Now that the fun part of our holiday is over, we now get to spend the rest of the time with fulfilling appointments of various kinds: kids’ vaccinations, physicals, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, optometrist, dentist, class room visits, hair, carpet cleaning, and motor vehicle repairs. All the things I really cannot do while still at work.

What? When did this become a vacation?? Where are the beaches, the swimming pools?? The 2 weeks of wild abandon? Those days are so far behind me! It’s all preparation for back to school now.

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